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Joanne McCulley
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About Professional Quality Assessments International (PQA) 

PQA was established by Stuart Powell in 1986 after many years of  owning and operating small companies in the manufacturing, distribution and service industry sectors. A prolific writer and speaker, Stuart presented workshops on TQM, QA and ISO 9000 for the European Community’s regional office, and participates in PQA’s Advisory Committee.


As a small, woman-owned business today, PQA continues to serve similar businesses not just because we understand them, but because we know that ISO principles will help those businesses break out into larger markets and become larger companies – and that benefits you and your community.


PQA International’s growing team of seasoned auditors is led by Joanne McCulley, a registered lead auditor since 1997, and a senior member of the American Society for Quality. Joanne’s prior experience includes 15 years in manufacturing Quality Assurance and 18 years in program development, project management, budget control, cross-functional and labor-management team leadership, supply chain management, documentation, and communication – in industrial, consulting, non-profit, education and healthcare industries.


PQA’s Customer Relations are led by Mark McCulley. Mark’s 25+ years of business experience include extensive leadership, cross-functional team coordination, project design and management, and training. As a small business owner for over 10 years, Mark served on the boards of three non-profit organizations, and understands the challenges and importance of effective management systems.


Our growing auditing and support team ensures your audits are performed by people with experience in your industry. With PQA, your ISO certification is a manageable and achievable goal.


Let us work with your business, whatever its size, as you grow toward your vision.

Apply today to be certified to ISO 9001, 13485,  14001 or OSHAS 18001.