About PQA International

Established in 1986 to serve small and midsize businesses, PQA is a small, woman-owned business today.

Joanne McCulley

PQA International’s growing team of seasoned auditors is led by Joanne McCulley, a registered lead auditor since 1997, and a senior member of the American Society for Quality.

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Mark McCulley

PQA’s Customer Relations are led by Mark McCulley. Mark’s 25+ years of business experience include extensive leadership, cross-functional team coordination, project design and training. He is also an experienced lead auditor for ISO 9001. 

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Service Tailored to Your Business

We provide the certification service to satisfy your business, with:


  • Audit programs and dates to suit your business requirements,

  • Matching audit skills to your business: Quality/environmental, information security, products, technology, processes and services.

  • We have our own quality/environmental management system auditors and technical specialists.

  • Open-book approach to auditing.

  • Quality/Environmental/Safety improvements identified.