Even Bakers Use Process Indicators

There are many KPIs available to help management verify the ‘recipe’ is accurate and effective.

Corrective Action vs. Preventive Action

There is a lot of confusion within the quality industry, and especially new companies about these two actions. Let's clear the confusion.

Planning and Objectives

Did you grow up hearing “what we measure, we achieve”? ISO strongly believes this to be true.

Risk-Based Thinking

Risk-Based Thinking is woven through every section of the new ISO standards.

QMS Processes

The last time most of us focused on defining our processes was when we first documented our system but an annual review can solve problems.

Risk Based Thinking

Section 5 of both 9001 and 14001 have 10 requirements of Top Management.

Interested Parties

Section 4.2 in both 9001 and 14001 introduce the requirement of Understanding the needs and expectations of interested parties.

Organizational Context

New versions of ISO 9001 and 14001 were released in 2015, and conversion is due by 9/15/2018.

Collecting and analyzing data

Survival is a big deal in this economy. But wouldn’t you want to stop money from invisibly hemorrhaging out of the company?