Whether you’ve been certified before, been following the standard for a while, or it’s all new to you, choosing a certifying body or registrar is a serious decision, and an investment that requires some research. We get that. You don’t want to spend a fortune if you don’t need to, but you want a certification that your clients and prospects recognize as trustworthy. You want people that truly care about your company and are committed to providing useful feedback (not just checking the boxes). And you want a company that understands your industry and can grow with you (that offers more than 1 or two types of certifications). PQA is all those things – read what our clients say.

Why choose PQA? Small-company feel, with big-company reach.

  • We understand the challenges of being a small business, since we’ve worked with small businesses for 30 years.
  • You will always get personal attention from people who care about your company.
  • We provide IAF accredited certificates – we represent SN Registrars, one of the 10 largest CB’s in the world, accredited by UKAS.
  • We have partner offices in 46 countries, so you don’t have to pay for long-haul flights for your auditors.
  • We only send auditors who have experience with industry, and who know how to make ISO make sense.
  • Several of our clients have grown from being single-site family-owned companies, to multi-national investor-owned groups. We understand the myriad of opportunities, and challenges, that these transitions hold.

To have us give you a free quote, just complete the application form – you may be surprised how affordable we are.

Getting Ready for your First Certification?

There are a few things you need to do as a company before you get certified.

  1. Purchase a copy of the ISO standard to which you are considering certification.
  2. Training. You need to understand what the ISO standard you are considering requires of your company. As a value-added service to our clients, PQA provides several levels of training.
  3. Develop your management system documentation. The Management system defines who you are as a company, your audience, goals, and the processes and controls that you have implemented to address the inherent risks within those processes. Whether you chose to use a consultant or buy a template to get started, remember one thing – it’s YOUR system, not theirs – it must work for you, and it must reflect what you do on a day-to-day basis. Call us if you need referrals to help get started.

The Certification Process

For smaller companies one of the benefits of our certification process is that you don’t pay the full amount at one time. Each step in the process can be scheduled at your convenience. The associated fees are due at time of service and a pre-payment schedule can be arranged if preferred.

Transfers from another Certification Body.

If you are looking for a new certifying body please, call us. There are many registrar’s or Certifying Body’s out there, and we know that switching can be complicated. To ensure that we give you the best pricing and have auditors who will truly be of benefit to you, all transfers follow the standard certification process of Application, Quote, and Contract.

To have us give you a free quote, just complete the application form – you’ll be surprised at how affordable we are.

If you are currently certified with another certification body, or your certification was withdrawn, we will request copies of previous audit reports, and any outstanding nonconformance reports. These help us allow adequate time for your audit based on your needs and system complexity.

If you were previously certified and your certification lapsed while in good standing, you will go through the standard new certification process.

Changes to an Issued Certificate

As a certified company, it is your responsibility to notify your certifying body or registrar as soon as you make changes to your processes, key staff, or your location. Please do not wait until your next audit to provide this information.

If you need to change your certificate, and the change is related to a revised scope or change of location, it will typically be verified at your next surveillance audit, and the amended certificate will be issued afterward. If the request for an amended certificate is urgent, an extra audit can be scheduled to validate that the new processes are controlled and that the quality system is still functioning well.