Process/ Steps

Certification Process

These are the steps that we follow in the certification process. We schedule these at your convenience, so the initial steps to certification can take 3 months to 1 year. With fees only due at time of service, you are able to manage the budget and timing to meet your needs. Because we’ve been working with small companies for 30+ years, our auditors understand how overwhelming this can be at the beginning, and will take the time to answer your questions.


Your application outlines your company's activities and scope. Once received, at our office, this initiates identification of relevant auditors, validation of impartiality, and development of estimate.


Is provided. Costs are based on company size, complexity of operations, and standard for certification.

Stage 1 Audit

Provides a gap analysis of current procedures and practice vs requirements in key areas, to evaluate readiness for certification. Findings are provided for correction and you submit planned actions for approval.

Stage 2 Audit

No more than 6 months later. A thorough audit of QMS controls, practice, and retained documentation of implementation. Findings are provided for correction and you submit planned actions for approval.

Once you think your documents are complete, consider sending them to PQA for a second compliance review if the changes were significant. Otherwise, they will be reviewed as part of your Stage 1 audit.

Recommendations for Certification and Certification Approval are based upon timely response to findings and approval of audit report.

Annual Surveillance Visits

Ensure ongoing effectiveness of the management system. Findings and responses are monitored and approved. Successful audit yields recommendation for continued certification.

3-yearly Re-Assessments

Include full audit of Management System documented information, implementation, and improvement. Findings and responses are monitored and approved. A successful audit yields recommendation for re-certification for another 3 years.

Ready to find out how little certification actually costs? Complete the application or contact us to chat about it. There’s no down-payment to begin, so let us send you a free estimate, and then pay for each phase as you progress.