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Suggested Reading

Value Added Auditing Third Edition:
Standard Manual of Risk Based, Process Auditing

– Gregory Hutchins

The Invisible Employee:
Using Carrots to See the Hidden Potential in Everyone

– Gostick & Elton

Getting the Right Things Done:
A Leader's Guide to Planning and Execution

– Pascal Dennis

Management Challenges
for the 21st Century

– Peter F. Drucker

The Five Most Important Questions
You Will Ever Ask About Your Organization

– Peter F. Drucker

Coaching and Mentoring Your Mentor
and Guide to Doing Business Effectively

– Harvard Business Essentials

Six Sigma for Managers

– Greg Brue

Six Sigma Demystified

– Paul Keller

Lean Six Sigma Demystified

– Jay Arthur

The Deming Management Method

– Mary Walton

Out of the Crisis

– W. Edwards Deming

Juran’s Quality Handbook

– Joseph Juran & Joseph DeFeo

Who Moved My Cheese?

– Gostick & Elton

The Toyota Way: 14 Management Principles
from the World's Greatest Manufacturer

– Jeffrey Liker

The Toyota Way to Continuous Improvement:
Linking Strategy and Operational Excellence
to Achieve Superior Performance

– Liker & Franz

True Alignment: Linking Company Culture
with Customer Needs for Extraordinary Results

– Edgar Papke

The ISO Handbook

– Robert W. Peach


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