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Achieving growth through ISO

After many years of stating Cable Connections was an ISO compliant company, it became very apparent we needed to officially become certified to remain competitive in our market place or loss business. From the beginning PQA was there explaining the meaning of the standard during audits, which helped us get to the next level to make our company a better company not only for our customers but ourselves.
With our move to a much larger facility, (from 8,000 to 18,000 square feet) they again stepped up to the plate and worked with us to make the transition as smooth as possible, by carefully auditing how we were applying the ISO requirements.
Cable Connections grew threefold in five years after certification. Without the help of PQA, Cable Connections could not have met with many obstacles; they worked closely with us through all the ups and downs of a growing company. Their clear and meaningful audits helped Cable Connections attain a superior QMS system which allows us to meet the needs of our diverse customer base.

Cable Connections – Georgia

Certification supported significant growth

VCC originally engaged with PQA Certification in 2008, when it first achieved certification of both ISO 9001 and 14001. Over the next eight years VCC became a larger and more complex business, growing revenues and employee count by 8X and 12x respectively, along with setting up a manufacturing plant in another country.

During this time PQA was not just a competent and effective auditor during certifications, but also a tremendously knowledgeable resource for VCC to leverage as its core business processes, customer requirements, and supplier base evolved. Sometimes seemingly overnight.

VCC believes in the importance of its robust quality system, and it sees PQA as an integral part of the cultivation of said system. We look forward to working with PQA for years to come.

Visual Communications Company – California & Mexico

Certified 4 companies with PQA

I have personally used PQA Certification’s services to implement ISO 9001 systems for 4 different companies over the past decade. A friend recommended PQA, a company he had used, as an affordable yet down to earth source that I could trust. More than just the price, their people made the implementation process a most rewarding experience. Every time PQA helped to support me with an implementation, the company concerned realized gains from improvement efficiencies— always more than twice the first year’s cost of certification. Each company reported greater customer satisfaction and enjoyed increased market share, and we passed customer audits with a 95% - 100% scoring. PQA International has my highest recommendation.

Michael C Gleason – Colorado

Training facilitated quick compliance & employee enthusiasm for ISO program.

By presenting the ISO material in an extremely organized and easily understandable format, PQA enabled TCC to become ISO compliant fairly quickly. I strongly recommend PQA to any organization desiring to generate employee enthusiasm for the ISO process throughout all levels of the company.

Technical Cable Concepts, Inc., California

Helped improve customer focus

PQA Certification’s assistance and expertise in implementing our quality management system has been instrumental to our success in a highly competitive market. The increased focus on the customer and the many other positive changes made during the years we have worked with PQA have been extremely beneficial to our business. Implementation of ISO 9001 has not only improved our [metal manufacturing] processes but has helped us communicate our commitment to customers, old and new

Mikron Manufacturing, Inc – Colorado

ISO 9001 helped produce our rapid growth

Memory Experts International, Inc., is a multinational manufacturer of proprietary memory expansion boards, hard drive subsystems, cabling products and network equipment connectivity devices. The company is certified by PQA to ISO 9001, and ISO 14001.

“Memory Experts has grown rapidly since the initial certification and we have maintained and sustained our growth by close adherence to a documented Quality System that continues to be closely examined and audited by PQA, our chosen accreditation body. We would strongly recommend PQA to small or mid- sized companies who are considering ISO certification.

Memory Experts International – Canada, USA, and UK

Helped us achieve double-digit growth

VTI Instruments established a relationship with PQA in 1997 to help us establish quality standards and procedures, that would allow us to grow the company and continuously improve our processes. Since the relationship, we have achieved double-digit growth every year and have become recognized as the quality leader in our industry, being selected by virtually every major electronic supplier worldwide as a trusted resource. We would like to thank PQA for being a continued partner in our business.

VTI Instruments, Inc – CA, OH

Confidence well placed

In operating a growing technology firm, our procedures must be thorough and complete, and pass the scrutiny of our clients, many of which involve governmental, regulatory, and military standards. PQA was instrumental as we developed a system, which not only meets the ISO standard, but also addresses those requirements.

PQA provided staff training which helped us create our internal audit system and integrate the ISO standard into our daily operations. I would, with great confidence, recommend PQA to any firm considering ISO certification and training. They provided real solutions to unique situations, a practical approach, and outstanding results.

NexGen Digital, Inc – California

Help for one of LA’s busiest mailing houses

PQA Certification has been an inspiration to The Mailing House, Inc. Our company has provided direct mail services since 1946. PQA Certification’s ISO training and certification has given our company new life and has motivated our employees to focus on providing customers with the highest quality service. Without their assistance, our ISO 9001 certification wouldn’t have been possible. I highly recommend their service to any company contemplating ISO certification.

The Mailing House – California

A new company’s experience

I would like to take this opportunity to thank PQA for the services provided during our recent ISO assessment/certification. The auditor training was very comprehensive and thorough. PQA did an excellent job of explaining the material in a way that was easily comprehended by everyone. The certification visit was a bit more intense but equally successful. All of our employees now have a greater appreciation for the ISO certification process, and the role it will play in the success of our company. Our management team will continue to dedicate the resources required to maintain our Approved ISO status.

Veris Manufacturing, (A QCM Company) – USA & Mexico

Precision manufacturer of medical and specialty components

PQA Certification has provided Magnum Tool Company the direction, training, and certification assessments needed to make our Quality Management System perform to the ISO 13485 Standard. Our manufacturing companies in Colorado Springs serve a variety of customers from medical, automotive, defense, and aerospace industries. PQA Certification’s team has pointed out many quality principles that were key in the development of our systems to meet the diverse requirements from our customer base. Because of their common sense approach and professionalism, I would highly recommend them to any company, no matter where you are in your ISO journey.

Magnum Manufacturing – Colorado

Fists in Solidarity

Precision manufacturer of medical device components

CMS is a much stronger company thanks to PQA’s diligence in auditing us.

CMS Circuit Solutions – California

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