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Theory of Constraints

Theory of Constraints

Sooner or later we discover a bottleneck or hindrance to achieving an objective; but most of us are not initially gifted with the understanding of how to remove every roadblock we encounter.

Eliyahu M Goldratt's 1984 book The Goal has become a core resource for managers, and a primer in management school curricula. Packed with detailed information and realistic examples of how a struggling factory turned around once the staff understood the Theory of Constraints, this book is recognized as one of the most important business books ever written. It is still outstandingly relevant 22 years later.

The Goal outlines the concepts of Dependency, Variability, and Interaction, and explains the way they have an effect on outcomes such as Lead Time, and On-Time Performance.

If your organization feels stuck or is struggling to be profitable, read The Goal and investigate Goldratt’s other books and myriad of resources from the Goldratt Institute.


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